01 december 2010
The Ten

The Ten (English)
Geke’s Tiental is a vocal training school for children up to twelve years old. Maximum twenty childen can be accepted. The education is provided on a voluntary basis and is supplementary to elementary school. Ten best students join in the schoolchoir ‘Geke’s Tiental’, which performs regularly.

Singing is a gift which we receive from God the Creator. In the past, vocal training was part of the education system. Nowadays this is no longer the case. Geke’s Tiental attempts to restore the importance of vocal training among children.

Repertoire and audience
Geke’s Tiental’s repertoire is very diverse and includes both children’s songs and classical music. Dutch is preferred, but the choice of the children (who often like to sing in foreign languages) is respected. Geke’s Tiental preferably performs on Saturdays. On Sunday the choir performs in churches. Concerts do not take place during school holidays.

The leader
Geke van der Sloot (1964) has received singing lessons since she was sixteen. In 1980 she created a what she thought was a one-time children’s choir to perform at a wedding. The vocal training centre grew out of this. It combines a perfect combination of musical talent, educational skills and idealism. Geke developed her own teaching methods and writes most of the choir’s songs. She supports herself by teaching at a school for mentally challenged children, and offers some thirty hours of voluntary labour to Geke’s Tiental. Late 2005, during the 25th jubileum of the choir, Geke received a royal appreciation, the socalled ‘lintje’.

Musical support
Benny Ludeman, a well-known musician who for years played with one of Holland’s best known musicians, Toon Hermans, is Geke’s Tiental’s musical support. He plays a great number of instruments, including gitar and flute, and writes the musical arrangements.

In the past years Geke’s Tiental produced the following products (records and cds): ES 46988 Kerstklanken ES 47136 Zingt met blijde stem ES 47149 Vredewens ES 47315 Kracht uit de hoogte ES 47395 In ’t groene dal ES 47432 Geluckig Vaderland

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